Getting Pregnant Through Yoga

Stress is one important factor that can contribute to one’s infertility. It could lead to muscle tension and weakness, which could decrease the chance of getting pregnant. Through Yoga, the mind and body is relaxed with the use of various poses. These poses can target specific areas of the body including the organs important for fertility. Using yoga for infertility can help relieve stress, strengthen the muscles of the body and by balancing the hormones of the body making it more suitable for pregnancy

There are several approved poses which is said to enhance fertility, these include:

1.    Butterfly Pose – This pose is done by putting the feet close together and pulling it as close to the body as possible. While keeping the back straight, the hands are placed on the feet. During the position, it is important to breathe deeply and focus on the internal organs especially the pelvic are.
2.    Car-Stretch Pose– This pose is done by placing the hands on the floor while in a kneeling position which will look like one is crawling. Upon inhalation, the hips are tilted inward forming a cave position. On exhalation, the body is returned to the normal position with the head and neck stretched upward.
3.    Child’s Pose – For this pose, it is proper to first get down on a kneeling position. Then one sits on her legs and stretches the hands and arms above the head against the floor. While doing this yoga for infertility position, it is important to maintain breathing and maintain relaxation of the muscles in the lower back and buttocks.
4.    Lotus Pose – One of the simplest positions that involves sitting with the legs crossed and having the back straight. The back of the hands is then placed on top of the knees for relaxation. This position helps send energy towards the pelvic muscles that could enhance fertility.
5.    Lying Vishnu Pose – This position involves lying on the side parallel to the wall. One leg is slowly raised to a 90-degree angle towards the hips. It is important to strengthen the spine and the legs first by doing some simple leg lifts before attempting the position.
6.    Pelvic Tilt Pose – The position starts by lying down supine. The feet are then placed on the floor while the arms are positioned at the side of the body. Upon exhale, the pelvis is lifted from the floor towards the ceiling as high a person can comfortably. After a few breaths, the pelvis is lowered again. This is highly beneficial to the pelvic region because of its strengthening capabilities.

Yoga for infertility has been proven not only to help the woman get pregnant but also helps the woman achieve overall health and wellness.

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