Can Abortion Cause Infertility – The Answer Might Shock Some

There are a lot of people that are willing to talk about the hot button issue of abortion, but many of them don’t have the medical facts to prove their side. This doesn’t always mean that there are clear cut winners of the argument, it just means that there needs to be more consensus in the medical community to establish pure answers when questions like, can abortion cause infertility are asked. The answer could shock some, but there are those that will argue with the medical world and that causes stress in regards to those that are holding onto the hope of birthing children at any given age.

First and foremost, the short answer to the question is no. There is no major data that shows whether the process of abortion can cause infertility in women. The scientific and medical community has been studying women’s issues to determine the cause and effect problems that can come from the procedures that many choose to go through.

There are some pro-choice groups that believe that the problem is apparent and can possibly be something that certain women deal with. This can be true for very rare cases, but it’s important to understand that infertility is not something that is caused by only one sole problem. There are so many different pieces to the overall puzzle that it’s imperative to understand that medical attention is necessary.

If you or someone you know is asking, can abortion cause infertility, the short answer needs to always be no. However, just because there is no medical proof that it can cause this issue in women, it’s important to contact a physician. You see, medical science can sometimes detect issues with the body’s systems that have nothing to do with abortion in any way shape or form. It’s that sort of outreach that a person needs to get done. Women need to continually have medical attention to ensure that they are ready for childbirth, and can in fact conceive. The questions that are asked should not be addressed by opinions.

The firm foundation is that there are many precautions given to all forms of abortion, and that it doesn’t invade the process of pregnancy in the future. However, it is not a bad idea to seek out professional help, especially in these modern times where something could go wrong in other parts of the body that can affect the future of a woman’s reproductive system.

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    • Hipolito says:

      Watch this video and you may not even think of abortion again.By the way a 24 week old baby looks like a baby just it’s unveledoped. And I have heard it’s into the thousands in the later stages and performed in a day surgery who knows how long cause it’s very complex.Also the later you are the more like likely the baby needs to be euthanize and delivered naturally, then you may see your creation you have lost and it will be hard. I was in this situation and I’m glad I saw this video. No way will I abort! No way!

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