Acupuncture as a Method of Treating Infertility

Acupuncture is a complementary therapy mostly used for the relief of pain. Its effectiveness is known to treat various types of pain such as migraines and back pains. Most recently, there has been talk that acupuncture can help treat those with infertility.  This article will discuss the relation of infertility and acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment method that involves the use of tiny needles inserted in the body. These hair-like needles are positioned into the skin to stimulate the body’s energy points. Upon stimulation of the body’s energy points, it is said to bring about balance in a person’s overall state including the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental states of the body.

Specific benefits of acupuncture include regulating the flow of blood in the body thereby lowering blood pressure. It also relaxes the body, giving it the boost and power to heal itself naturally. Acupuncture also helps the body control the pain that is feeling by targeting the central nervous system.

Infertility and Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps treat infertility; this is achieved by placing needles in energy points of the body that are connected to the reproductive organs. By targeting the reproductive organs, the energy and blood flow in these areas are improved. The improved blood flow can help the target organs function more appropriately. Acupuncture can help couples who are experiencing slight difficulties in hormonal balances and ovulation irregularities by gradually correcting the problems through the body’s natural healing process. It also helps relax the body making it more suitable for fertility. There is no concrete proof yet that infertility and acupuncture are directly related but studies are now being continuously done to prove the success rate of this treatment.

Acupuncture is said to be more effective if done with other complementary therapies may it be natural or artificial. Since the therapy relaxes the whole body, the woman’s system is able to function better making it more appropriate for other treatment to work more effectively thus affecting fertility.

Before trying acupuncture as a treatment, it is important to see a fertility specialist first to be aware of the fertility issues that a woman has. Being aware of one’s fertility issues will most likely help you choose the most appropriate treatment suited for your condition. Once deemed suited for acupuncture treatment, an appropriate referral to a acupuncturist can be obtained. This assures that you will be getting the right kind of treatment by a professional.


  • Bank says:

    yes, yes, yes!!!! And I still reference it! I read it at the urgnig of my ob/gyn after my first apt. with her (I switched docs after not getting pregnant for two years and no answers) and she had a feeling I wasn’t ovulating. Sure enough after two months of taking my temp I could tell I wasn’t ovulating. After being given lowest dose of clomid to stimulate my ovaries, I could tell when I ovulated and when I was most fertile. The second month I got pregnant and now have a beautiful 4 year old girl. I have sucessfully used the same method to get pregnant twice more, unfortunately both ended in miscarriage. So its proven to work to try and concieve. Haven’t used it as a means for natural child birth though so wouldn’t know as far as that but seems logical given it worked for the opposite. Good luck and happy reading!!

    • Edward K says:

      Thanks for your feedback.All the best to you too